Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch Your Browser

Here's a very cool interactive vid. It takes over your browser in a cool way. You can view it here .

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mixed Media

I just discovered this great new mixed media video. Live-action (the arm of the animator) cleverly mixed with the black and white animated character in an ad for V-Water. It's called: There's Something in the Water. You can view it here .

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Friday, September 29, 2006

Just Need A Hug?

Here's a viral video that reminds us that sometimes we just need a hug.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Think Outside The Blog

I have an insatiable appetite for wise words.
I also need signs of intelligent light and strong images like this one.

You can see more of the great images at Icebin's blog.
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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lies, Truth and Art

I wish I could constantly surf the internet looking for the best videos.

But to do that I have to take time away from what I should be doing: making my own media.

Some procrastination is okay. After all, Leonardo da Vinci was a great procrastinator and one of the greatest minds this world has ever met. He had to do alot of doodling before he could create the Mona Lisa.

Actually, is it really procastinating to look at other people's short films for inspiration? I mean, who am I to judge me? As a video craftsman, arguably everything that I see and do can be considered part of the process of creating.

It is up to me to make sure that I am not lying to myself and that I at least produce something. Although what is a lie when it comes to art? Pablo Picasso said that, "El arte es una mentira que revela la verdad." Or: "Art is a lie that tells the truth."

So I kept my promise to you. I gave you some lies, some truth and now some art:

  • La Chute de l'ange

  • For me, La Chute de l'ange was like being in the front row seat of someone else's dream. Directed by Geoffroy Barbet-Massin of Mikros Studios.

  • Manegefrei Flash

  • This is a sad story about what it means to do work that has no soul and no fun. But it is a great flash animation.

  • There She Is! Flash

  • "There She Is!" takes some time to load, but it is a funny story about falling in love, so it is worth the wait.

  • It's Jerry's Time

  • I just think this guy is great. He tells simple stories with simple animation. Written and scored by Jerry Zucker. Animated and directed by Orrin Zucker.

  • "Flat Life" by Jonas Geirnaert

  • I have noisy neighbors, who are evil, so if you do too then you can relate to this.

  • When Icons Attack!

  • This is what happens when your computer pretends to go to sleep.

  • The Inner Life of Cells

  • What are your cells doing inside your body? Now you know thanks to lead animator, John Liebler and his team at XVIVO, a scientific animation company near Hartford, CT.
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    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    First. Blog. Ever.

    Sorry I've been away for awhile.... I actually haven't been away but I have noticed that is how many of the world's best blogs begin so I want to follow the format.

    I also noticed that you should have at least one sentence that ends in periods after each word, thus the title: First. Blog. Ever.

    This blog is about my life and times in the cutthroat world of viral videos.

    So you'll be able to feel my pain as an MYOM mogul--Make Your Own Media mogul--and if I can just help one person to learn more about how to make a great viral video then I will have accomplished something.

    Okay so that's it for the moment.

    Here's some different links to my video:

  • Revver

  • Panjea

  • Lulu TV

  • Google Video

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